Professional Eye-care


At Jane Barker opticians you’ll receive the highest quality of eye-care from an opticians.

Regular eye examinations should be part of your life. Eyesight is a precious sense; many would argue that it is the most important sense.  Keeping your eyesight in its best condition is what we are here for.  Our eye examinations use advanced instruments to ensure they are as thorough as possible.  Should a medical problem be found we can rapidly refer you to one of the local consultant ophthalmologists (doctors specialized in eyes).

The world is a very visual place and modern life increasingly requires good vision.  There is absolutely no point getting a high definition television if your eyesight cannot appreciate the quality of the image.  Computers, mobile phones and driving all require a high standard of vision – we’re here to help you achieve this high standard.  By continuity and personal service we can ensure that you not only look your best but that you are seeing as clearly as possible.

The eye examination involves a full refraction (the bit with the lenses, charts on the wall and the reading charts) and an examination of the outside of your eyes with an ophthalmoscope and/or a biomicroscope slit-lamp. We may also check your peripheral vision, the pressure of your eyes and photograph the inside of your eye.