Contact Lenses

2Today’s contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear, with a wide range of products to suit every lifestyle and all types of vision problem.  If you would like to enjoy the freedom of modern contact lenses, please book an appointment with us. We’ll assess your suitability, explain the different options available and offer you a professional contact lens service that gives you clear and comfortable vision.

As independent opticians we offer a wide range of contact lenses and can provide you with the most suitable kind for your needs, from daily disposable lenses or lenses you can sleep in to multifocal lenses that help with both reading and distance. Contact lenses are very safe for people of all ages, provided you follow the guidelines on wearing time, cleanliness and aftercare. Newer silicone hydrogel lenses allow more oxygen to reach your eyes and are safe for longer wearing times.

Most modern contact lenses are disposable and are replaced daily, fortnightly or monthly. Paying for lenses by monthly standing order means all aftercare appointments are included and lenses are automatically shipped at the appropriate intervals, and can even be shipped straight to your home.

To get started you will need an up-to-date spectacle prescription from an eye test.  Then you will need a fitting appointment with Jane to determine the best lenses for your needs and Jane will also teach you how to handle and look after your lenses.  We then supply you with some lenses to trial for up to one month and arrange to see you wearing your lenses. From these appointments we can determine the best lens for your needs and set up a standing order if required.  The cost of fitting up to determining the final lenses is only £25.  Monthly lenses start from as little as £12 per month and the super convenient daily lenses from just over £1 a pair.